Our Democratic judicial nominees:

Justice of the PA Supreme Court



Judge of the Superior Court



Judge of the Commonwealth Court


Judge David Spurgeon | Facebook




Results for the three PA Constitutional amendments and one referendum on the May 18th Primary Ballot:

Emergency Declarations Amendment

52.03% YES / 47.97% NO

(We recommended voting NO)

Addresses the Governor's emergency powers, including requiring legislative approval to continue beyond 21 days.

Legislative Resolutions to Extend or Terminate Emergency Declaration Amendment

51.95% YES / 48.05% NO

(We recommended voting NO)

Empowers the Legislature to extend or terminate

an emergency declaration by resolution.

Equal Rights Regardless of Race or Ethnicity Amendment

72.32% YES / 27.68% NO

(We recommended voting YES)

Prohibits denial or abridgement of rights

on account of an individual's race or ethnicity.



72.89% YES / 27.11% NO

(We recommended voting YES)

"Do you favor expanding the use of the indebtedness authorized under the referendum for loans to volunteer fire companies, volunteer ambulance services and volunteer rescue squads under 35 PA.C.S Section 7378.1 (related to referendum for additional indebtedness) to include loans to municipal fire departments or companies that provide services through paid personnel and emergency medical services companies for the purpose of establishing and modernizing facilities to house apparatus equipment, ambulances, and rescue vehicles, protective and communications equipment and any other accessory equipment necessary for the proper performance of the duties of the fire companies and emergency medical services companies?"


Big Spring School Director Candidates

Cooke & Penn Townships:



I have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for 28 years and have enjoyed becoming involved in helping others within and outside our surrounding communities. I have always loved education and being a life- long learner. I want to dive deeper into the education system itself by running for the Penn-Cooke seat on the Big Spring School Board.

I have worked in various industries throughout my career with a business and educational background. I want to use my experience to explore new ways to obtain funding for needed programs in our school district that include and are not limited to:

  • Promoting the development of safe school policies, from bullying to potential domestic terrorism.

  • Finding alternative revenues, other than just property taxes, to leverage funding of our schools.

  • Partnering with local non-profit organizations to share resources and develop educational youth programs reinforcing life and concrete skills learned.

  • Developing ways to make “wise use of resources” which may be used in other, future situations.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you in our community that we love as we work together to deliver meaningful and lasting change.


Newville Borough Council, South Ward



I have lived in the Newville area for nearly my whole life. I am the high school Dean of Students/Assistant Athletic Director at Big Spring High School. I’ve spent my whole professional career at my alma mater with the first 22 years spent in the classroom.

In 2018, I was appointed to the Newville Borough Council, elected in 2019, and in 2020 was elected as Newville Borough Council President. Working with the Council and our Borough staff throughout the pandemic has been challenging, but it has put a spotlight on the ways our community has been able to come together. We have worked to make our community one that values relationships, emphasizes and utilizes our natural beauty, and returns Newville to a place where we are able to shop and dine.

I have three goals to improve the lives of those who live in Newville. First, we need to attract and support businesses that will provide services and goods that residents need and want. This begins with ending the “dry town” status and giving restaurant owners the opportunity to serve alcohol if they choose. Millions of dollars in leaves Newville to support businesses outside our town. Newvillians want to support their local businesses, but we have not been business-friendly in the past. We can be, and maintain our small-town charm. Second, we will continue to develop our natural resources and market them as great recreational assets. The Big Spring is one of the greatest trout fishing streams in the world. The Cumberland Valley Rail Trail brings thousands of visitors to Newville every month. We will continue work on the Big Spring Greenway. Finally, we must address our traffic flow and parking issues. Improving flow means working with the Commonwealth and thinking outside of the box. Increasing parking requires identifying areas where parking can be convenient and affordable.

Newville is on the dawn of a reawakening. We can continue to do nothing and see those opportunities go elsewhere, or we can move forward to provide opportunities for our residents.


More Democratic Municipal Nominees Appearing on Your November Ballots:

Lower Frankford Township:

Judge of Election -- Hazel E. Garman

Inspector of Election -- Mary K. Orris

Lower Mifflin Township:

Constable -- Marlin R. Negley

School Director -- David Gutshall

Inspector of Election -- Stacey Gatch

Newville Borough, North Ward:

Borough Council -- Robert Darius

South Newton Township:

Inspector of Election -- Cindy Adams


Cumberland County Recorder of Deeds

DAVID FISHFriendsofDavidFish@gmail.com

Make a secure donation via ActBlue:

Friends of David Fish

My name is David Fish and I’m asking for help from my fellow Democrats to fix a looming problem with the upcoming November 2nd general election. We have seven Cumberland County offices open, but had only one Democratic challenger on the May 18th primary ballot. That cannot be allowed to stand. We cannot ask Democratic voters to show up to vote if we do not have good, honest, fact-based, patriotic Democratic candidates on the ballot.

That is why I am asking Democrats in Cumberland County to vote for me for Cumberland County Recorder of Deeds on the November 2nd ballot. I will bring to the job my 40 years of experience in community service, working with charities, as a stay-at-home parent, and running my neighborhood civic association for 21 years. My work experience in the private sector includes jobs as a manager, television director/producer, community organizer, political organizer, and an intelligence analyst. I believe my background gives me an extensive, well-rounded life experience in working with all sizes of groups, organizations, public and private organizations as well as local, state and federal agencies (including the military and law enforcement) which I will bring to the job as a public servant in Cumberland County.


Cumberland County Recorder of Wills



Jeffrey Filler, a 25-year resident of Cumberland County, is running for County Register of Wills. The Register of Wills Office is responsible for handling marriages license applications as well as filing for adoptions, guardianships, and estates. Jeffrey is running to serve the citizens of Cumberland County and would encourage new ideas to make the office more user-friendly and efficient.

Jeffrey has been a registered nurse in Cumberland County for over 30 years and currently serves in a supervisory capacity. He currently resides in North Middleton Township with his 3 dogs. Jeffrey loves spending time with his family, swimming and taking his 5 grandchildren to the beach.


Upper Mifflin Township:



My name is Ursus, and I’ve been living in the Upper Mifflin area pretty much my whole life. Recently, I’ve had a baby, and this along with a few other happenings have helped me decide that it’s time to start making a difference for the neighbors I’ve known for so long. I want to help you and your children feel confident that the school they go to has their best interests not only in mind but in practice, too. As a member of the BSSD school board, I’ll fight to ensure appropriate budget actions, equitable treatment of all students, and enhanced growth programs that don’t detract from existing measures.


Lower Frankford Township Supervisor



I am running for Lower Frankford Supervisor because I believe I have the skills and experience that can benefit all township residents. My goals include:

  • Advocating for open space and farmland preservation, especially in the face of increasing warehouse development.

  • Promote Community based economic growth through small scale agribusiness and home based occupations and businesses.

  • Advocate at the county and state level for Broad Band Coverage for all township residents

  • Keep residents informed through a Quarterly Newsletter posted on the township website

  • Encourage a greater exchange of information and ideas between residents and the supervisors on issues of concern to residents.

  • If elected I will serve only one term to encourage new ideas and new involvement.

  • If elected I will donate all of my pay as Supervisor to the Township Park at Opossum Lake.


  • 40 year township resident actively involved in the community

  • Successful business owner

  • Lower Frankford Township Planning Commission since 1996

  • Cumberland County Planning Commission since 2019

  • Founding president of Friends of Opossum Lake Conservancy (FOLC) which worked with the township, the county, and state officials to secure funding to rebuild the dam, restore the lake, and establish the Anglers Access Trail and the Township Park.

  • As an experienced grant writer, I have brought county and state monies into the township that benefit the community with little or no cost to the taxpayer.

  • My service on a number of community boards and committees has complimented my strong organizational skills and led to a wide network of helpful contacts.

  • I succeed at developing collaborative problem solving relationships with a wide range of people, I look for practical solutions and I think outside the box.

Thank you for your consideration.