The Big Spring Democrats is a regional organization of the Cumberland County (PA) Democratic Party. The region consists of Cooke Township, Penn Township, West Pennsboro Township, South Newton Township, North Newton Township, Upper Mifflin Township, Lower Mifflin Township, Newville Borough, Upper Frankford Township, and Lower Frankford Township. All registered Democrats in these municipalities are welcome to participate in the political process of local, state, and federal politics.

VOTE in the Pennsylvania General Election on November 8th --

your vote IS IMPORTANT! Your vote contributes to our winning totals

in Commonwealth and Federal offices!

ALERT: For clarification on Absentee/Mail In ballots and how to receive them,

visit our VOTE! page at the link above.

We need Committee Persons for most precincts!

See our CANDIDATES page.

Please visit our VOLUNTEERS page to learn other ways

you can help us increase our Democratic victories!

We seek help in every precinct in Big Spring!